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Welcome to the home page of the most famous survival group in America---The Alaska Watchmen Group.

The group was started in 2009 by Franke Schein, and has experienced a phenomenal growth which has skyrocketed the group into a world class survival group.

Its partner group; The North American Survival Alliance has helped to establish small survival groups throughout the country.

Franke Schein has been featured on radio and television shows for his reality based survival leadership skills and strategies. His mission is to educate other people in disaster preparedness skills and readiness.
This page was last updated: October 5, 2014
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46 United States Senators that YOU elected voted in favor of the UN Small Arms Treaty. A signatory that would have shred the US Constitutional right to bear arms, and result in an instant civil war against law abiding American gun owners
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With two confirmed Ebola cases in the United States, it's very possible that a major contamination is already underway.

CDC Guidelines are under the jurisdiction of DHS. This means that the US Military
will be utilized to prevent infectious disease proliferation within select metropolitan centers.
By Franke Schein-The Alaska Watchmen

Mexicans sprinting for government subsidized welfare cities,
Muslims threatening American sovereignty from inside America,
Puerto Ricans leaving their country in droves for a life of welfare in America,
Blacks committing increasingly violent crimes against Whites,
ISIS sweeping across the mideast,
Local utility services raising prices,
Ebola virus creeping towards America,
Gasoline prices slowly rising,
America's political infrastructure in hiding,
Power Hungry Obama Loving Presidential appointees out of control,
America's military leadership being guillotined by Obama Administration,
Police Departments increasingly murdering unarmed citizens,
Meteor flyby's on the increase,
Earthquake levels rising,
Numerous volcanic eruption underway around the world,
US Border control absent,
Gun Control efforts being ramped-up,
Media biased against Black on White crimes,
Asian imports at an all time record high,
US Manufacturing capability all but dead,
Nationwide Toll Fees nearly doubled,
State and Government Jobs given to immigrants instead of American Veterans,
Government Surveillance programs silently increased
Common Core Education Program still in progress,
Systematic Reduction of Military forces that weaken National Security
China's Military Might threatening American interests around the world,
North Korean human rights violation forgotten,
Iran's Nuclear ambition making headway,
Israel's Existence threatened by ISIS and HAMAS terrorists,
Record number of Americans on antidepressants,
Iraqi, Saudi, Egyptian-Christians beheaded in genocidal proportions,
Americans with Graduate Degrees unable to find work,
Transportation Industry looses 350,000 Experienced truckers,
Smart cars, smart meters, smart appliances, smart phones- a way of life in US
Abortion at an all time high,
Teenage sexual activity out of control,
Divorce courts doing brisk business,
Russian Military forces ready for major European War,
Japan signs economic deal with China,
Tattoos and Piercing going crazy with 30-sumtin crowd,
Stock Markets teetering,
Precious Metals prices slowly dropping,
Ammunition prices out of control,
Family businesses going bankrupt in record numbers,
Severe weather phenomenon's increasing,
IRS hiring more inspectors,
Land prices skyrocketing in the Midwest,
Social Security Benefits falling,
Drinking water more polluted than 10-years ago,
State Cigarette Tax unbelievably out of control,
Hollywood homosexuality at mind boggling levels,
Transgenderism going crazy,
Health Care costs skyrocketing,
Small American farmers facing extinction,
Personal Income Tax rates out control for American workers,
Welfare rolls tripled in most American cities,
Illegal immigrants changing the face of small town America,
Police forces murdering citizens at an alarming rate,
American foreign aid to Islamic countries at record breaking levels,
Veteran homelessness at record levels,
Most nasty interstate motels owned by Foreigners from India and Pakistan,
Mexican vegetables flood American grocery shelves,
Asian seafood dominates American box stores,
Taiwanese electronics already took over American institutions,
Political Race Bating at an all time high,
RFID tags and surveillance cameras hidden all over American cities,
Liberals coming up with even more dumbass legislation,
Federal Government trumping state legislation and sovereignty,
Fatherless household numbers rising out of control,
Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson fueling hatred
We have a president that hates America,
A First Lady that is a disgrace to her position,
Congress that is quiet on domestic issues,
A Senate that has sold their souls to Obama,


It's hard to imagine a world in flames like we are witnessing right this moment. A world filled with the atrocities of ISIS, disease running rampant, and the omnipresent disintegration of America as a world leader.

Over the years I've watched the runaway train that has become our political infrastructure. The deviant path these sell-out fuckers have taken during the course of their position(s).

I watch with dismay as my fellow Americans sit on their ass and do nothing but whine and complain about the current state of affairs. Yet very few do anything to actually do something about it.

Here are some startling facts:

Most people are deathly afraid of the government, and that's why they are chicken shit to stand up for their own rights.

At the current rate of destruction, America is only a few years away from becoming yet another European vessel state. A place where human rights, and personal privacy is already gone.

The Federal Government is arming every agency with high tech military weapons, armor vehicles, and giving them the gree light to murder innocent people.

The Attorney General of America is a bought and paid for clown that repeats whatever Obama says. His office has become a joke in American justice.

It's time for America's Militia to make a stand and kick things into high gear.

  ---Franke Schein